Earlier this week, we played a game of Would You Rather: Idaho Travel Edition. We decided between your favorite ghost towns—Idaho City vs. Silver City. In a very close race, and in a little bit of a surprise, Silver City took the win!

TLC once sang, “Don’t go chasin’ waterfalls, please stick to the rivers and lakes that you’re used to,” but today is all about the waterfalls. Two waterfalls, in particular.

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Would You Rather go to Shoshone Falls or Niagara Springs at Thousand Springs State Park? I know you might think this is a slam dunk win for Shoshone Falls, but hear me out before you make your decision.

Shoshone Falls
At 212 feet tall, it’s 45 feet taller than the more famous Niagara Falls. It’s been a tourist destination for a really long time. Pioneers on the Oregon Trail would actually divert their journey from the trail just to see it. It is often the first picture you see when you Google “Idaho.”

Niagara Springs at Thousand Springs State Park
Niagara Springs is definitely not Niagara Falls, but it is a very unique waterfall. It’s so picturesque, and for a long time, not very many people knew it was even there. That’s because it wasn’t even declared a State Park until the last 20 years. There’s little doubt that this will be a big tourist destination in the years to come.

You decide. What would you rather do?

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