It was supposed to be a big summer for movies. Personally, I was looking forward to the new James Bond movie, "No Time To Die" but now I'll have to wait until November. There was a lot of buzz about "Fast and the Furious 9," which moved to April of 2021, and Marvel's "Black Widow" is now set for November. The kids were excited for Disney's "Mulan," but that has moved to July.

For me, there's something about going to a movie that is better than watching at home. I know it's cheaper to stay home, but it's just not the same at my house. People are talking, the sound isn't as good, the room isn't as dark, and the popcorn is never as good. The experience to me is worth the price, plus it's an excellent excuse to turn off your phone and escape from real-life for two hours. The same problems you walk in with are always there when you leave, but for those two hours, nothing is happening anywhere in the world.

During this time of social distancing and keeping crowds to a minimum, our entertainment options are minimal, especially if you want to escape for a while. After doing some research, I found two drive-in movie theaters within one hour of Boise. What an opportunity for the drive-in theater industry right now. They provide a safe way for people to be entertained, and they can still charge us too much for popcorn that we will happily pay for.

Of the two area drive-in theaters, only one is open: The Parma Motor-Vu in Parma, roughly forty-five minutes to one hour from Boise. They charge $8 per person, kids 3-11 are $3, and kids under three are free, and so is your dog. They are open Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays and showtimes are 9:30pm and 11pm. Currently playing are the Addams Family and a musical remake of the 80's movie, Valley Girl.

I called the Terrace Drive-In in Caldwell and got a recording that said that they were planning to open this year, but no details were given as to when.

See you at the movies!

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