It's not very often that you get an opportunity to go down on the BSU Blue Turf, but here is your chance to do something really cool.


Yoga on the Blue is being held on Saturday, April 29th this year from 10-11 am.


Tickets are $10 the day of the event or just $5 if you pay in advance at Campus Recreation. Kids 12 and under are FREE!


I did yoga for years (until I had my back fused) and I absolutely loved it. It's hands down the most mind, body, spiritual form of exercise out there and to have the opportunity to do it on the blue is so exciting! Just having the opportunity to be down on the blue is really cool, because they don't just let you walk around down there anytime you want!


Even if you aren't a yoga pro (trust me I'm the least flexible person on the planet and I'm going to do it) you should take up this opportunity. It only comes around once a year. For more information click HERE.


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