My wife officially found her happy place in the Treasure Valley. 

My wife discovered this gem in Meridian as we continue to discover new places in the Treasure Valley. Whether you have a green thumb or not, this Wood & Root Bar will be where you can get away from the typical bar and enjoy something different. 

I asked my wife what she loves about this concept is "crafting, planting + drinking! Some of my favorite things and they rotate the crafting activity, so it's always something different. Just a perfect date night or girls' night spot. It's just something fun and different to do."

Before being Wood & Root Bar, it was called Coffee Plant Repeat. They officially changed via Facebook on January 19, saying, "it's re-opening day! I'm so happy to be back in the shop and show you why we've been so quiet! First off, you will now see the name Wood & Root Bar on the window. That is the name of our bar, BUT the individual businesses are still inside running as usual. The one exception is you do have to be 21 to visit." 

If you're looking for a new plant and enjoy delicious cocktails, you can do both at Wood & Root Bar. "The plant bar bow looks like a sundae bar with jars of soil mixings and toppings to choose from. You can stop in, have a beer/shop like before / pot up a little friend while you sip a drink, or completely party your plants off!" 

Occasionally you'll catch Shannon hosting a class in the shop and other events that will bring out your creativity, and nothing brings out creativity like a couple of cocktails. 

Does your significant other love plants, planting, and maybe a cocktail or two? This place could be an excellent gift for them, and they do offer gift cards. I don't mind doing stuff like this with my wife. It's fun, different, and something we can bring home to replace the plants I may have killed by not watering them when my wife is out of town. 

Wood & Root Bar

Earlier this year, Coffee Plant Repeat changed its name to Wood & Root Bar, and here's what you can expect.

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