The answer is so bizarre, it has us wondering why we haven't bought it yet!

If you're thinking that Idahoans buy more yoga pants or cheese puffs at Walmart than any other item, you're in for a shock. Walmart recently revealed what shoppers in each state are buying at their stores and Idahoans did not disappoint.

According to Walmart's data, we're buying My Little Pony mini collections more than any item they carry. Really? Being a semi-Brony myself, I didn't even know these existed until writing this blog. You mean to tell me Idaho folks are buying more My Little Pony stuff than they are beef jerky or PBR? Doubtful.

After looking at the results, I'm having a hard time believing the answers from almost every single state. Except Wisconsin. They're buying Green Bay Packers bathmats, because of course they are.


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