Zoo Boise has two more little ones to watch after. According to KTVB, Zoo Boise made the announcement that two red panda cubs were born earlier this summer. The twin cubs (one boy, one girl) are the first cubs for parents Dolly and Spud and have been spending their first weeks of life in the the den with their mother. As times goes on, and they get a little more comfortable, they’ll make their way out to say hi!

While Zoo Boise has welcomed new additions before, this birth is particularly important. According to KTVB, their parents are part of a “species survival program.” The goal of that program is to “increase their numbers and reintroduce certain animals back into their natural habitats.”

So what can we name the new cubs? Well that honor will go to whoever bids the highest during the annual gala known as the Zoobilee, on September 13, 2019.

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