The Meridian Police Department is on high alert looking for who has been breaking into unlocked vehicles last night and this morning.  So far the authorities are aware of 10 vehicles that were robbed.  All of those vehicles DID NOT have locked doors.  Police are also saying that it's obvious the thieves attempted to open other car doors but quickly moved on every time the doors were locked.

According to KTVB, so far no specifics have been released yet of exactly what area of Meridian these burglaries took place but authorities believe the robberies are not over.  Law enforcement is asking the public to please remember to lock your vehicles and DO NOT start your vehicle up while you run inside for awhile allowing your vehicle to warm up.  The only exception obviously is if you have a vehicle with an automatic start that allows you to lock the doors while warming up.

Items reported stolen so far are pretty minor.  Pills, prescription drugs, loose change, and one handgun have all been reported stolen.  The thieves seem to be working quickly, rummaging through the vehicles, grabbing what they can and then fleeing the scene.

If you have any information about these break-ins, please contact the Meridian Police Department immediately at 208-888-6678.

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