I had a fire alarm go off when I was in the middle of an on air break on a Morning Show in Portland. Myself and the rest of the crew had to leave the show for over 45 minutes until they cleared the building and we could go back. Then, and this one was just recently, I had a fire alarm go off in the middle of a virtual court deposition. I cant complain too much about that one though, it was a much needed distraction and break from the deposition.  Those were probably the two fire alarms that stick in my mind the most. What about you? Where is a strange place or unique situation you have been in when a fire alarm went off?

Well According to CBS News 2, Boise hotel quests certainly have one to remember now. They got a loud wake up call in the wee am hours when the fire alarm went off. The Cottonwood Suites Boise Riverside just outside of downtown had a fire breakout. Fire crews got there just after 4am. First they evacuated everyone and did what they could to get the flames under control. Boise Fire even had to use a big ladder to rescue those on the 3rd floor. There were 11 in total that were taken out of the 3rd floor by ladder. Luckily there were no injuries, everyone got out fine and no one was taken to the hospital.

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