TJ Singarajah is now 16-years-old and fighting for his life with law enforcement.  He's accused of raping a 13-year-old girl last year.  According to East Idaho News, the victim said she was at a house with Singarajah and had a very bad headache.  She asked for something and was given an unfamiliar pill that later, many witnesses said was Xanax.  Some witnesses also said that the victim was looking to get high.  Those reports are conflicting with other witnesses.

Regardless, Singarajah and the victim ended up in a situation where Singarajah allegedly forced himself on her, holding down her arms and legs while raping her until someone else came into the room.

There's a case now of 'He Said, She Said' but the polygraph Singarajah took does not look favorable for him at all.  Also, Singarajah has changed his story multiple times.  Witnesses are also giving authorities conflicting information making this a very difficult case.

If Singarajah is found guilty, Idaho law states that any juvenile 14-years of age or older will be tried as an adult in a case of rape with a possible sentence of Life In Prison.  Singarajah is set to be arraigned on December 11th.

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