In-N-Out has officially made its grand entrance in the Treasure Valley. The legendary burgers, fries, and shakes we all love are now available in Idaho! 🎉 With all the excitement around the opening in December, we thought we would ask our listeners to fill in the blank.

But this got us thinking: what else do we wish for in Idaho? We turned to Facebook to ask you, our dear listeners, "I wish Idaho had..." And wow, did you respond! Your wishes ranged from the deliciously tempting (Dunkin' Donuts, anyone?) to the practical (hello, Fice Below!). Some of you craved a taste of Waffle House, while others longed for the very popular Buc-ee's. And then there was the ambitious wish for a beach. Now, that's thinking big.

You could also tell where people were from based on their "wishes" because of the regional location of the business they want to see open in Idaho. Also, some people's wishes had nothing to do with any business opening in Idaho. Still, they made comments like "have Idaho back," "higher wages," and even had people reminiscing about places that once were open in the Treasure Valley, like Round Table Pizza.

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It's always fun to dream about what could be. And hey, with In-N-Out now a reality, who knows what 2024 might bring? So keep those wishes coming, Idaho. You never know when your favorite franchise might open here in our beautiful state. Here's to another year of dreams coming true!

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