It's a story that captured the nation, but it turns out our neighbor in Olympia, Washington made the whole story up.

According to, detectives with the Olympia Police Department discovered the boy's story of sticking up to bullies was not holding up. They confirmed their suspicions and determined the boy's injuries were the result of a fall.

The boy's mother had told authorities and the media that her son was injured after he stood up to a group of kids who were bullying his friend. She had said he was beaten with rocks and sticks and that the bullying included being kicked and having sawdust rubbed in his eyes.

The boy did indeed suffer injuries, including a broken arm, several cuts, and bruises to his face, and he actually needed surgery on a cut above his eye.

The boy became a national hero and $45,000 had been raised through a Go Fund Me account before donations were stopped.

Olympia Police say social services have been contacted to ensure the welfare of the boy.

It's a good reminder that sometimes things are simply not as they seem.