President John F. Kennedy once said that there is, “nothing that compares to the simple pleasure of a bike ride.”  Many people in Boise would agree with that statement.  We are ranked in the Top 50 Bicycle Friendly Cities in America and are ranked number four among bicycle commuters.   

Thanks to the Boise Bicycle Project, 700 kids will now be able to experience the joy of riding a bike.  Earlier this year, kids drew up their dream bike, then the volunteers went to work to make their dream a reality.  Each of the 700 bikes were donated, and not all of them were in good shape.  The volunteers spent countless hours fixing them up both mechanically and cosmetically, to create each child’s dream bike. 

This is the 13th year that the Boise Bicycle Project held is Holiday Kids Bike Giveaway.  The first year, there were only 13 recipients.   

Bicycle riding is not only important to a child’s physical health but also mental health.  There are also links to learning development.  It’s also an activity that an entire family can enjoy together, while helping the environment.  The most important thing that I got from riding a bike, was a sense of independence.  The feeling of being able to go anywhere... or at least to the light pole at the end of my block!   

If you are interested in donating to the Boise Bicycle Project or you’d like to help them create dream bikes next year, click HERE.   

Information from KTVB was used in this article.