Its technology of the future that could eliminate the checkout stand, but how does it work, and what does it mean for jobs?

Earlier this week we brought you the story of McDonald's getting rid of cashiers and opting for a kiosk ordering system instead. Now Albertson's is talking about getting rid of that friendly face at the checkout too. The proposed Albertsons system is much like "Amazon Go." With the new system you literally walk into the store, the technology recognizes you are there, you get your items, and leave without ever scanning a barcode or seeing a cashier. You simply have an order through your smartphone and the technology would be able to tell that you filled that order and paid, through your smartphone. To start off the items you could get would be limited, but is this the future?

Albertsons is also working on a touch and go system at their gas stations that would allow you to fill up your tank without pulling out your credit or debit card. A trial with the gas station technology is expected to come to Boise soon according to while the grocery store technology is still in the testing phases.

It does make me wonder, what does this mean for jobs? If we eliminate cashiers, will those positions just change or will those people be left scrambling for work? I'm all for easier, but it makes me wonder are we taking modern technology too far? Sometimes I just want to go back to actually talking to each other and I think if this ends up happening, I'll actually miss that friendly face at the checkout.