Do you ever drive by an old building downtown or on Fairview or Chinden and think to yourself, "That place is probably haunted?" Me too!  As I was driving by some of the older motels in Boise, I decided to call and ask if they had any haunted rooms.

I guess I shouldn't have been surprised that when calling different motels to ask if they have ever had any reports of ghosts, that I was hung up on twice and scolded three times. Several others were polite, but all told me that they had no haunted rooms. Finally, a woman that answered the phone at one Garden City motel told me quite a tale.

She told me one of those stories that will keep you up at night. It was from her previous job as a housekeeper at a motel on Main Street. She reported that there was one room that she would eventually refuse to clean. Room 34, behind the stairs, gave her the creeps. According to this former employee, the ghost was continually knocking. Without explanation, she would have to turn off the TV, even when no guest stayed in the room. While unoccupied, she claims to have knocked on the door before entering when she heard a deep male voice respond, "Come in."

I called this motel to get their side of this ghost story. I was told by a very polite woman who claims to have been working there for over fifteen years that the room is ghost-free. She told me that Room 34 is behind the boiler room, which explains the knocking sounds. She told me that no employee or guest has ever complained about ghosts or haunted happenings.

Have you ever worked in a haunted building, but no one believed you? Tell us your story!

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