Just last week, six kids were removed from a disgustingly filthy and dangerous home in Boise. Today three kids were removed from a home in Garden City for the same reasons. What is going on here?!!

Jacquelynn Smith and Wesley Marcum have both been booked into jail after their kids were taken from their home off of East 44th Street.

According to KTVB, all three children are under the age of four and the home is being described as "extremely dirty" and dangerous to the children's health and safety.

The children have been placed under Idaho Family Protective Services. Both Smith and Marcum are just 25-years-old and have been slapped with four felony counts of injury to a child.

Hopefully, these people can get the help they need and I'm just so grateful the kids are safe now. I can't even imagine children living among filth like this. Hug your kids a little tighter tonight.