Snow hits about 6 this morning and with all the conflicting reports of how much snow we're getting... its left us all asking the question... How Much Are We Getting this time around?


Originally reports came in that we'd be getting another ten inches here in the Treasure Valley over the next two days.  Here's the truth.  Yes, we'll be getting snow and freezing rain constantly over the next two days, but its looking like we should get a whole lot less than ten inches.  We're probably getting anywhere from two to five inches.  Still a factor, but ten inches just might break the camel's back.


Take the same precautions you have in the past with this crazy winter.  Stay off the roads if you can, turn your vehicle lights on, slow down, make sure you have plenty of water, candles, blankets, and food in case of a power outage.  Power outage sometimes leads to pipes freezing which is why its smart to keep extra water on hand.


Our men and women behind the plows are ready for this storm and I have to believe, its not going to be quite as bad as what we've all already gone through.  Bring it on!