With today's current climate, the term 'snowflake' gets tossed around a lot. What do people even mean by that? Are you one? We're here to help.

Some people instantly take offensive to being labeled as a 'snowflake' without putting a little research into what that actually means. You see it all over the news. He's a snowflake, she's a snowflake, we're all snowflakes. But, are we really though?

After doing some research with in our Townsquare Media Research Lab©, our technicians came up with a 99.8% accurate test to find out if you truly are a snowflake. No longer will you have to take someone else's insult lying down, now you'll have scientific evidence to prove to them once and for all that you are (or aren't) a snowflake!



So, how'd you fare? Hit us up on Facebook with your results!

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