Back in the day, I loved a good eating challenge. I didn't care whether it was about quantity or how spicy things were something always made me want to win at these extreme competitions. But Stella's Ice Cream in Nampa has a new challenge that I would RUN away from.

It's called the Bulldog Challenge, if you want to successfully complete the challenge you will need to eat one scoop of each flavor of ice cream in their case and you have 30 minutes to make it happen. Which means you're eating 16 scoops of various types of delicious ice cream plus whip cream, chocolate, and caramel sauce.

The picture above is of one contestant this past weekend who didn't succeed. Although if you do finish everything in the time limit your ice cream is free, you get a t-shirt, and your photo on the wall.

I remember on the television show Man vs. Food host Adam Richman tried to complete a challenge with lots of ice cream and couldn't make it happen due to switching ice cream flavors and it becoming a dairy overload. I will leave it at that.

If you're up for the challenge you don't need to make any sort of reservation, just stop into the Stella's Ice Cream downtown Nampa and please let us know if you defeat the Bulldog Challenge.

Remember Stella's has a new location in Eagle and one opening downtown Boise in 2020 with all locations offering the Bulldog Challenge!

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