His story conjures up a lot of debate, emotion, and down right anger in some. This new development puts another twist in the controversy surrounding Idaho's Bowe Bergdahl. 

Most of us know his story well. He abandoned his post in Afghanistan, was taken by the Taliban and held captive for five years. When Bowe Bergdahl of the Sun Valley area was finally released it was in an exchange of five members of the Taliban at Guantanamo Bay. Three people were severely injured while looking for him due to his desertion.

Now, Bowe Bergdahl is facing life in prison, but on the third day of testimony it has been revealed by a psychiatrist that he suffers from several mental disorders including schizotypal personality disorder, chronic PTSD, cognitive deficits, and social phobia. All which they say were present before he joined the army in 2008.

Let it be clear this does not qualify him as insane, but according to an article on KTVB, it could have impacted his ability to realize the consequences of his actions and his plan when he left his outpost.

Bergdahl has plead guilty to the charges, but the fate of his sentencing must still be determined for his desertion and misbehavior before the enemy.

What are your thoughts on this story and does this new information regarding his mental state sway your view?

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