Good news if you're picking up a loved one from the airport and don't want to pony up cash for parking.

When you arrive at Boise Airport, you've got a few choices. Pay for longterm or short-term parking, or wait in your car in the "Cell Phone Waiting Area" until your person(s) are ready to be picked up. Police and airport security shun waiting outside the arrival/departure area in your car, as it causes traffic congestion and also poses a safety hazard for pedestrians.

Currently, Boise Airport's cell phone area has 14 parking spaces. Not conducive for busy travel days. Airport officials are proposing a massive expansion which would bring the total parking spaces to 50. Even better, the plan allows for further expansion down the road if necessary.

The total cost for the project is estimated to be around $400,000. No word yet on when the project will begin, or when it will be finished.

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