All stories from St. Jude are special, unique and moving. Jack is a local Boise teenager who was saved at St. Jude when his rare and severe brain tumor was not responding to over two years of chemo at St. Luke's. Jacks mom Tiffany shared with me the families journey from heartbreaking diagnosis to ups and downs of Jack's experiences.

In the 30 minutes that Tiffany and I talked I almost felt bad for how emotional I got during the conversation. After all the things she was describing didn't happen to me or my family but as a compassionate and at times emotional mama I couldn't help but share her pain. The brain tumor was first discovered when Jack was just 7 years old, the same age as my little boy. Her family's story really hit me hard. I admire Tiffany's strength as a mother and Jacks can do, positive attitude that his mother described through all of this.

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I put together a song story for Jack from my conversation with Tiffany, you can hear that here:

Tiffany went more in depth about their experiences and how amazing St. Jude is. I wanted to provide a more uncut version for everyone who wants to learn more.

Some don't understand the magnitude of a $19 monthly donation but that is where the majority of St. Jude funding comes from. Lots of $19 dollar donations from you and me and people who want to help support the mission and make sure no child dies from caner. St. Jude started about 50 years ago and at the time the child success rate for childhood cancer was at 20%. Due to the incredible talent, research and donations at St. Jude that number is now 80% success rate! Incredible. When they make break throughs or discoveries at St. Jude they promptly share that vital information with children's hospitals around the world for free. That is huge. They have shared life saving research to our very own St. Luke's Children's hospital time and time again over the years, ultimately saving even more local children then just the ones who have treatment at St. Jude. Please text "Boise" to 626262 or call 1-800-795-1800 to become a partner in hope for $19 a month. You can also go here to learn more 


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