So you may have heard about the record breaking snow we've had this year.  And while that's "technically" true, it might not be the actual record you're thinking of.

With yesterday's snow storm, Boise now has gotten 35.5 inches which breaks a record for the most amount of snow in the area "TO DATE."  What that means is it's the most amount of snow we've had from October 1st to January 23rd.  The previous record was in 1985-86 when we saw 35.1 inches, and of course remember that's between the previously mentioned dates.

As for the ACTUAL snowiest winter we've had on record, that took place in 1916-17, when we got 50 inches. In fact, when you look at it that way this actually only ranks as the 21st snowiest season overall, so far that is.

But don't give up hope just yet!..........if in fact you want to see the snowiest winter we've ever had.  According to the National Weather Service, we juuuuuuuuuuuust might see more snow this week.  The snow will possibly be here Thursday, but it's not expected to be much.  NWS meteorologist Jessica Caubre says, "It’s not going to be anything spectacular ... maybe a half inch in the mountain."

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