That's what I'm talking about! A bar full of police officers...Ok, so maybe that's not EXACTLY how it's going down, but it's true, the Boise Police Department is looking to buy a popular bar just East of downtown Boise.

According to KTVB, BPD is eyeing the Lucky Dog Tavern on Fairview in Boise to be the location for their new substation. The City of Boise has approved the sale of the bar to BPD for $1.15 million. City Spokesperson, Mike Journee told KTVB that this location is ideal because of "It's easy access into downtown, it’s near the core of downtown, easy access for the Greenbelt for our bike patrols, which will be headquartered out of this building [...] and also easy access to Boise State, which we have a contract for its public safety too, so all those things come together to make it a really ideal place."

No word yet on when the sale will be official, or when BPD would move into their new digs.

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