A Boise police officer is in the hospital this morning after being hit by a car during an attempted traffic stop. 

According to idahonews.com the incident happened at 4 o'clock this morning as an unidentified officer tried to pull a car over near Vista and Canal. When the officer got out of his vehicle and tried to approach the vehicle the driver hit him and then drove off. Right now we do not know the extent of the officer's injuries, just that he has been hospitalized.

Officers did try to pursue the man involved with the hit and run, but the chase has been discontinued for the time being. They are still actively searching for the suspect although a description of the driver and the vehicle has not been released. All authorities have said is that there were several people in the vehicle.

Please keep the officer in your prayers and we will keep you updated if and when the suspect is caught or if his description is released.

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