Cynthia Mann Elementary School in Boise has a pretty special principal. Jeff Farley made a deal with the kiddos that if they read at least 50,000 minutes in one week he had sleep on the school roof. It gets better.... If the kids really went above and beyond and read at least 75,000 minutes in one week Principal Farley was sleeping on the roof in is pink unicorn jammies.

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The kids rocked it and surpassed the 75,000 minutes! KTBV interviewed him from the roof. I love this. Talk about an encouraging way to get the kids excited about reading! In one week, the students ended up reading a total of 126,445 minutes. Principal farley sweetened the deal even omre since it was so much extra beyond the oridinal goal. This morning (Friday) morning he served the kids doughnuts for breakfast. :)

I could use some help at home to get my little guy (almost 7) to want to read on his own more. Any suggestions parents?

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