It's always around this time of year that I get the itch to go tanning. Something to remind me of summer and take just a bit of the ghostly paleness away. Our options just got slimmer though because this Boise tanning salon is closing up shop.

Beach Club tanning salon off of Beacon will be turned into Veterinary Wellness Center. Out with the tanning beds and in cat and dog exam rooms.

According to the new Veterinary Wellness Center will also offer radiology, a lab and pharmacy, and a ward for animals.

Before the change is officially made though they have to get a conditional use permit from the City of Boise.

The Veterinary Wellness Center says they want to simplify veterinary medicine with a focus on outpatient visits.

It's always to see businesses go but I think this will be a great new option for the sweet dogs and kitties we love in our community.