It finally came.  The first snow dumping of our Winter season has us driving with our lights on, shoveling snow, and doing our best to drive slower, safer, and maybe a little less often to stay safe.  Memories of the 2016 - 2017 season where we saw more snow here in Boise than we had seen in more than 30 years have surfaced but should we really be concerned?

One thing we know is that no amount of weather reports or predictions can really tell us what's in our future.  We didn't know then and we don't know now.  Last night's snow dumping was a lot more than most expected but it's here.  Shoveling off my driveway today was a little more difficult than I thought it'd be.  It doesn't mean my pipes are freezing and I need to stalk up on water and food for the Winter but some experts are saying we may get hit a lot harder this Winter than what's originally been predicted.

Here are some pictures of what that epic storm a couple of years ago brought to the Treasure Valley.  We had vehicle's buried, store shelves emptied, and nothing but snow for miles to see.

Boise Weekly has a great article with information that helps local residents prepare for the worst and hope for the best. Their article focuses on specific information that helps you with...

  • Maintain Your Vehicle
  • Keep An Emergency Kit In Your Trunk
  • Manage Your Expectations

How bad is this year going to be?  I have no idea but I'm ready.  Bring it on Mother Nature.  We've done this before and we're ready.