First lets start off with one that came to us through Facebook messenger. This one is wonderful, fantastic and trying to give praise where praise is due, so if this was you, major kudos. "To the young lady that chased me and tried to give me $20 after I asked the person at the register if they took checks and told her I live right down the road and was pretty much out of gas and literally forgot my debit card at my house. THANK YOU (Sam?, that was the name I thought was yelled when you walked out). You were way younger than me and insisted I take your money you saved for a concert you were going to see. I was dressed in yardwork clothing black tank top, red shorts, and a red bandana holding back my sweat and I am sure I smelled atrocious. I may have lied that I found my debit card just to give you your money back. But, I do really live down the road from there. It makes me have hope for our younger generations as you, that there is still kindness! Thank you, for your kindness and thoughtless generosity. Trying to find this girl. And give her the recognition she deserves"

Now lets get on to some from good 'ol Boise Craigslist. I have to ask, do these ever work? Out of 100 does even 1 get a response that isn't spam? Seems like a slim chance to me but here we go anyway....

The Pretty hot lady at freddys in Meridian- "I know you may never see this but i have to try, You was in black pants and yellow top that was undone with a black shirt under it, I was getting water from the Glacier water machine we looked at each other a few times and was staring a lot. I think you mite be in your mid 40's but not over 50 Hope if I'm wrong you forgive me. I'm bad with ages. I seen you didn't have a wedding ring on so hope you are free to see others if you even see this . Please if you see this mail me thank you. Tell me what i had on so i know it's you."

I'm the guy that looks like Jim Gaffigan - "You and your friend were smiling and trying not to laugh. You asked me to take off my glasses, and when I did, you told her, "See? Looks just like him." And I wasn't sure if you were making fun of me or if your friend was actually impressed. I asked who I remind you of, and you said the comic Jim Gaffigan. Now I wish I would have asked if that meant you were attracted to me or you just wanted me to make a joke about Hot Pockets. Either way, I'll work on my material in case we run into each other again."

Blonde at the blvd - " You were with friends. Dancing, laughing, smiling. I couldn't stop looking at you. Thinking how your smile lit up the room. Wish I had talked to you. If you see know who I am. I hope. Where was I sitting?"

Super cute girl at gem court house - "Dam your hot, you were there with a divorce."

Gave you an Uber ride today - "I picked you up today on Idaho Ave and kidded you about bringing your pillow out for your night on the town. I took you to your car which was orange and as you waved good bye I told you you had great legs. Would love to connect."

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