Guru Donuts started in 2012 out of a garage in Boise and now is getting some fantastic national attention. They now have two Treasure Valley locations, (no more garage!) One in Downtown Boise and one in Eagle. There are a lot of things that make this donut shop special. Almost all of their ingredients are local. They even use beat sugar. They feature unique and classic favorites.

When you think of celebrities that exudes sunshine, joy and happiness (even overloaded sometimes)... Drew Barrymore is on the short list. While she is an advocate for 'clean eating' even Drew cant say no to a treat like this... The Drew Barrymore Show has a regular segment called "Battle of the Bites" and Idaho's very own Guru Donuts participated in yesterdays show. Guru is proud to be female owned and female lead, a perfect tie in for Women's month.

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The two rival Donut shops that Guru was up against was Stan's Donuts of Chicago and Hero Doughnuts from Birmingham, Alabama. Drew made sure to mention with a cute smile that she LOVES Idaho :) Us too Drew... Us too. Drew along with comedian Ross Mathews and actor Ike Barinholtz sampled donut from each shop. On the show they tried the square "Winnie the Pooh" Donut, the "Mango Tango" and the gluten free made with potato flour.

So did Idaho take the donut trophy home? No one likes an ending spoiler so you can just check out this little 7 minute clip from the show yourself, and if you really dont want to wait, you can skip to 3:55 where they start on Guru, the votes start at six minutes in.

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