If you cringe at the thought of the bottleneck nightmare that happens on I-84 westbound right at the Franklin overpass, I'm totally with you. It's literally the ONLY spot on I-84 that can give me a legit case of road rage...against the actual road. It's a mess EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. In my opinion, it's mostly due to drivers not really understanding the zipper method, but that's a different conversation that you can find HERE. Anywho, having only two lanes to deal with doesn't make things easier either.

But, according to the Idaho Statesman, that could be changing soon! Apparently, Mike Crapo spoke with the U.S. Transportation Department Secretary, Elaine Chao, and learned that Idaho is "on the short list to get a $90 million federal grant to widen Interstate 84 in Nampa." The money would cover about 60% of the total cost ($150 million), and would allow for an additional lane to be added on each direction of the freeway between Karcher and Franklin interchanges. WOOOOHOOOO!!


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