Are you a BSU alumni or student? Then congratulations because you got into the hardest University and college in the state of Idaho. Some colleges and universities, provide graduates with greater advantages than others for various reasons.  All of these little extras usually translate into higher expected earnings and a faster and easier solid employment after school. Like BSU, many of these more prestigious schools are hard to get into. They may get tens of thousands of applications a year, but only select a small group of applicants to attend.

24/7 Wall St. determined the hardest colleges to get into in every state using data from the National Center for Education Statistics of the U.S. Department of Education. They then ranked colleges and universities based on a few key metrics including admission rates for the 2019-2020 school year and the median combined math and critical reading SAT scores for students admitted in fall 2018. Here is the breakdown for us here in Idaho with BSU taking to top spot:

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Idaho: Boise State University
Location: Boise
Acceptance rate for 2019-2020: 77.4%
Applicants for 2019-2020: 15,030
Median SAT score: 1125 out of 1600
Avg. annual cost of attendance: $19,573
Four-year undergraduate enrollment, fall 2018: 16,526

Boise State University is one of just a handful of large state schools to rank as the most difficult colleges to get into in any state. Public schools are generally less expensive than private schools, and Boise State is one of just six schools on this list with an average annual cost of attendance under $20,000. Also with it being a large research university, Boise State has over 200 fields of study for students.


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