This family will not be spending Christmas in their home.  They'll be displaced for a good amount of time after today.


The Caldwell Fire Department got the call at 8:20 this morning.  When they got to the home, flames were bursting out of two of the windows.  Completely gutted.  Major damage to the inside of this home.


We often take a lot of things in life for granted.  A nice, cozy home just before Christmas with all this nasty weather outside is probably one of those things.  For the rest of us... life moves on pretty much as it did yesterday and today.  For this family of three, their life will forever be different, and their day to day routine has been flipped upside down.


No info on the name of the family and investigators believe the fire started from an electrical malfunction.


The Red Cross of Idaho has stepped up along with the burnout fund from our Fire Departments to assist this family and help get them back on their feet, but its going to be a long haul for them.


Keep this Caldwell family in your thoughts this Christmas!