Boise is loaded with smart, hard working entrepreneurs. It makes sense that many locals and move ins to the Treasure Valley are taking money making matters in to their own hands with how the housing market is. While house prices and rental prices rise, local wages seem pretty stuck. Those who are seeking more than paycheck to paycheck are getting creative with home businesses in the area.

Boise is full of local hustling entrepreneurs and incredibly talented artists and creators. This is a perfect place for big shops who still want a local twist to source for new inventory. Walmart has been seeking out items to sell from locals for eight years now.

The giant big box store is gearing up to look for new local things to sell on a grand scale. Their is an application process for the open call that you want to be prepped and ready for. The application and open call deadline is April 30th. Click here for more info and the application from Walmart.

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This opportunity only comes around once a year to pitch new, niche and innovative products to Walmart execs. Who knows how many things you have purchased at a Walmart that went through this process first.

Once through the application process, Walmart buyers will hear pitches virtually on June 30th from entrepreneurs and business owners around the U.S. If you pass through that onto the next round then you will hear directly from Walmart executives with more questions and possible next steps on getting your items on national Walmart shelves.

Good luck!!!


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