I've never had better steak than the steak dinners I've had here in Boise. Here are the places I think have the best slices of beef!

#1. Barbacoa's "Hot Rock" Filet

The "Hot Rock" Filet is a 10 oz. piece of filet mignon that you partially cook yourself on a flaming hot rock. My favorite part, the cognac sauce! I could drink that stuff through a straw! So stinkin' good! I'm telling you, you have not lived until you eat this steak!


#2 Ruth's Chris Filet

The Filet at Ruth's Chris is 11 oz. of the most tender meat I've ever eaten. In fact this is the ONLY steak I have ever truly enjoyed without any A1 or steak sauce of any kind. I still dream about it sometimes!


#3 Chandler's Filet Mignon

Fancy at it's finest! They have a 6 oz or a 10 oz filet option at Chandler's but I say go big or go home with this baby! Tender, juicy, melt in your mouth, you will treasure every single bite!


What's the Best Steak you've ever eaten?!?!