We recently reported on how McDonald's across the nation are getting rid of their cashiers and moving into a new, high tech, digital way of ordering your meal.  Many are unhappy with cashiers losing their jobs and/or jobs being changed in a way that requires fewer hours and less pay.  This new way of ordering our food just officially hit the McDonald's on Broadway close to downtown Boise.  They've also changed up their entire look to make things more modern, sleek, comfortable, whatever you want to call it.

Credit: Melissa Rogers / Townsquare Media
Credit: Melissa Rogers / Townsquare Media

Other concerns about the new touch-screen ordering services at McDonald's are those that are too slow or can't quite understand technology.  It's quick and easy to just tell someone what you want but when you have to start hitting buttons, searching, scrolling and paying without handing someone your card or cash, there's definitely going to be some people a little overwhelmed with trying to get a cheeseburger and fries.

My parents won't even get a smartphone because it freaks them out.  I can hardly work my debit card into the chip machines everyone's going to so what's going to happen when us old people have to do everything, ourselves?

Specialized ordering, human interaction along with a lot of other complaints are coming down for McDonald's but the mega-billion dollar restaurant chain says this is the wave of the future and overall best and most efficient way for the restaurant themselves and their customers.

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