It's taken Albertsons years to finally get what they want in the downtown Boise area.  That's more space, a bigger parking lot, and a brand new, state of the art store that would attract more people.  But that's not all Albertsons wants.  Cleaning up their old, dingy store was just part of the makeover.  Albertsons DOES NOT want an old run down liquor store on the corner of their nice new parking lot.  Albertsons also does not want Noodles & Co which is right next to the liquor store.

According to reports from Boise Dev, it sounds like Albertsons is not getting much pushback on this.  The Idaho State Liquor Division says plans are to move the liquor store just a few feet over where the Gourmet Grill used to be across Rossi St.  No word yet on what Noodles & Co is thinking.

This is another huge project that'll take some time.  Getting through the red tape and paperwork is one thing and once you add in demolition and construction we're most likely looking at a lengthy project.  When that'll start and how long it'll take has not been discussed yet.  We'll keep you posted.

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