It hasn't been long since Chris Petersen was coaching our very own Boise State Broncos.  Coach Petersen didn't need too long to make a huge impact at Washington.


It seems like just yesterday when our Broncos took out the Washington Huskies for our season opener against our beloved former coach Chris Petersdn.  But in true Coach Petersdn form... he bounced back in a big way.  Look at how far he and his Washington Huskies came in just over a year.


With a 12-1 record they have the 2nd best record in college football behind the power house undefeated Alabama squad who Washington will play to try and get their shot at a national championship.


Washington's dominating win over Colorado Friday night gave them the PAC 12 Championship and pretty much sealed the deal as far as them getting in for the coveted playoff selection.


If you're a BSU fan, you've got to be a Coach Petersen fan.  The man just did so much for us.  We love you, we respect you, and we congratulate you as you push your Washington Huskies into the playoffs Coach Petersen.  Good luck!