Offensive Coordinator Scott Huff has been with BSU for twelve years but he's heading out to coach in the PAC 12 with Coach Peterson over at The University of  Washington.


B-U-M-M-E-R!  I know its PAC 12, I know they were up for a national championship this year, I know you'll be back with your ole boy Chris but c'mon man... don't leave us!  Here's a quote from Coach Huff...

"Although I am excited about this new opportunity, I will sincerely miss the players, coaches, administration and fans that have made Boise State such a special place for myself and my family.”


Truthfully I wish the best for Coach Huff.  I hope he kills in Washington.  I also hope BSU knocks the tar out of you when we face off.  Ha!  Love ya Coach Huff!