I have been following this story from the beginning because not only am I fascinated by magic but also by science and the physics that had to go behind this incredible feat. Globally recognized magician who has been traveling around the world and creating shock, awe and wonder in people everywhere has now done it on a monumental scale and lived to talk about it.

This is one of his first death defying 'stunts' in over a decade. He also said that the stunt itself has been in the works for about a decade. Cue Pixar's movie UP because weather he admits it or not, it had to be part of the inspiration.

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The event, named Ascention is essentially David Blaine floating up to the sky, like way up, with helium balloons and then descending back down to earth. Originally planned to take place in New York on Aug 31st but had to be changed to take place in Arizona on the 1st. He had a team helping him with the logistics and physics of it all.

To make it legal he even had to get an official licence to operate a hot air balloon even though he wasn't actually flying in a hot air balloon, there was no basket just Blaine holding (and strapped around his waste) 52 large helium filled balloons. He flew just shy of 25,000 feet in the air before releasing the balloons and falling back to earth with a parachute.

David is 47 years old now and said the world needed this stunt as a positive distraction of wonder. I love that he got the world talking about something magical. He also honors his daughter in the most beautiful way at the beginning of the video. Saying he wanted to do something beautiful for her.


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