Idaho is known for a lot of things: the beautiful mountains, the weather, the hiking trails, and just the great outdoors in general.

But, what if we told you that Idaho should also be known for having a cave so deep, that the Statue of Liberty could fit inside of it?

Exploring caves isn't for everyone!

There are a lot of dangers that can come with exploring caves. Heck, have you ever seen the horror movie 'The Descent'?

Okay, we're somewhat kidding - there's no way any nocturnal monsters live in the depths of Idaho caves... right?

That being said, there are some dangers that come with exploring caves especially if you're not a pro. One of the best things you could probably do is explore with an expert or an experienced explorer.

You could encounter all kinds of problems if you don't know what you're doing and those problems include getting lost, dealing with falling rocks, and even cutting yourself on sharp rocks.

The deepest cave in America is the Tears of the Turtle Cave which is located in Montana. This cave is 2,052 feet deep and 1.488 miles long according to Northern Rocky Mountain Grove.

Now, we hate to burst your bubble but Idaho's deepest cave isn't that deep but it's still massive.

Like we said, it's deep enough to fit the Statue of Liberty... isn't that deep enough?

Do you have what it takes to explore the deepest cave in Idaho? Have you been before? We'd love to hear about your experience here!

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