She’s a 2007 Toyota Sienna mini-van.  I’ve had it for ten years and it was great when the kids were younger, but now here by myself with the mini-van, I had to give her a new name.  As you can imagine, I struggled to find something that was appropriate, yet could take on a much cooler persona than it’s exterior.  That’s when someone asked if we were going to take “Big Sexy” to lunch and the name stuck.  I’ve named everyone of my cars in the past.  I had a brown Mercury Tracer when I was 16 and I called it, “Brown Sugar.”  My 1979 AMC Eagle with wood paneling was appropriately called “Woody” and my red Hyundai Elantra GT that I loved more than any other previous car, was named after the love of my life, “Britney.”  Yes, as in Spears.

56% of people name their car, so I’m not alone.  I asked our listeners what they have named their cars and the responses didn’t only include the names, but people were more than happy to share a picture of their cars too.

Hannah had an Isuzu Trooper named Princess because it broke down a lot.  She replaced Princess with Queen, who is a BMW that breaks down a lot and costs a lot too!

Samuel has a cool looking gray Honda SUV named Gandolf The Gray and Ellie’s black Hyundai Sonata is named Vixen.  I think my van would like to meet her sedan sometime.

Cindy has an Infinity G35 named My Sharona.  If you’re a fan of the Golden Girls, you’ll love Nikki’s 2009 Dodge Journey.  She named it Blanche because it has a lot of miles!

Every car should have a name.

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