As I talk with more of my friends about the upcoming Christmas holiday I am hearing that lots of them no longer get a Christmas bonus or party. So often now a days it's about the bottom line and lots of companies are cutting costs which include Christmas/ holiday parties or gifts for their employees.

In the past I have received gifts of a $10 coffee gift card one year, all the way up to a (completely unexpected) $500 check after taxes being directly deposited into my account on Christmas morning.

Currently, we are gearing up for another fun Christmas party this upcoming weekend which included dinner and drinks for us and our spouse. Then we start playing some really fun casino games in hopes to win more tickets which are randomly drawn to give away prizes at the end of the night. Prizes include everything from an Instant Pot to a flat screen television.

If you're lucky enough to get anything, remember to be gracious, it seems like more and more that employees are told to have a great Christmas at that is it. Also, if you're having a company work party like we are remember to watch out for drinking too much, you don't want to be the joke of the party.

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