Warning: Graphic Images Ahead

Bless these amazing people with animal control and the West Valley Humane Society.

1-year-old Belgian Malinois/mix, now named Gauge, was rushed to the West Valley Humane Society after having been shot in the face with a shotgun.

The humane society’s Facebook post says, “After giving this sad-looking pup an x-ray, we discovered the cause of his injuries. Our x-ray results lit up in white specs. This showed us that this poor boy had been shot in the face. When the shotgun blast peppered his face, it destroyed his eye as well as causing a significant amount of tissue damage.”

According to this same Facebook post, Gauge was immediately sedated, and they went to work cleaning up his wounds, removing his eye, and removing as many shotgun pellets as they could. And this wasn’t all they needed to work on; “Someone, likely a previous owner, also tried to do at-home vet care and banded him with a rubber band in an attempt to neuter him.”

An important notice from the West Valley Humane Society: “Please remember that it is illegal to practice medicine without a veterinary license.”

I am so incredibly thankful for the West Valley Humane Society team. Please support them here. Caring for these animals can be very expensive, and they wouldn’t be able to help dogs like Gauge without our help.

“This sweet boy is not letting his rough start slow him down. He is ready to make his way into a new home and is on the path to a better life!” Gauge is ready to go home! Check out these happy pictures :)

Gauge Recovers from Gunshot Wound

This dog was rushed to the West Valley Humane Society after being shot in the face. He successfully recovered from his injuries and is now ready to go home with a new owner :)

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