Piper Pub & Grill is located at 150 North 8th Street and has been a staple in downtown Boise for almost 30 years,  Now it's all coming to an end.  According to The Idaho Statesman, they're having one last big bash on Saturday, November 17th where everyone is invited to partake in their traditional Scotch whiskey, let loose and celebrate, not mourn.

Gene Hutchison who has owned Piper Pub & Grill with his wife Erin since 2008 broke the news privately to his 20 employees last night.  He said this in a public statement...

It's been a long ride, for sure.  I think it's sad.  Bottom line, I just think it's a sad progression that happens.

The Capitol Terrace building where Piper Pub & Grill resides was bought by Hawkins Companies last year and they're spending $2 million on renovations and will rename this section 'Main + Marketplace'.

Hutchinson made every effort to stay in the building.  He proposed a rebranding and even changing the name but the new owner seems to have their own ideas.  Every effort fell on deaf ears and Hutchinson felt it best to leave now rather than be evicted during the holiday months.

Since the inevitable is happening.  We might as well go out with a bang right?  Piper Pub has gone into full blown party mode for their final week and a half before closing.  Next Thursday they're doing a 'Geeks That Drink' night and Friday will have their traditional happy hour with a final grand finale with friends and family on Saturday the 17th which will be filled with lots of LOVE, LIQUOR, TEARS, & LAUGHTER.  Everyone is invited.

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