I'm a big believer in miracles.  I believe miracles happen every day in different forms and in different places.  Just over a week ago the entire Treasure Valley came together and donated over $100,000 for kids with cancer for our 2018 St. Jude Radiothon.  That's a miracle.  I mean if you really think about it... begging people to call in and donate their hard earned money for two days and enough people cared to where we all gave over $100,000... that's crazy.

Another miracle happening here in Boise is this father and his daughter who are preparing to run the Robie Creek Race in April.  This family has been through hell the past couple of years and when Greg Hobbs' daughter Margaret asked her dad to run the race with her, he couldn't say no.

Greg had a stroke a couple of years ago when a chiropractor was adjusting his neck and the outlook was no good.  Doctors didn't think Greg would be able to speak or function in a lot of ways.  He couldn't even swallow on his own for quite awhile.  Greg spent months at St Lukes and other hospitals rehabilitating and always staring out that window wondering if he'd be able to live life, a normal life again.

This year he'll be doing something that most of us can but take for granted.  Running the Robie Creek Race with his daughter.  Side by side and step by step they'll run, walk, or crawl attempting this miracle as most of us just sit back and marvel in what's happening.

I wish I could be there with them.  I wish I could see every moment, but only Margaret and Greg will experience that magic and maybe that's exactly how it should be.  Father and daughter doing something that almost nobody can really relate to.  Something so special and so wonderful and all we can do is applaud their courage, their love, and their fight as they do their best to cross that finish line.

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