It's Idaho's biggest fitness event and it's going on tomorrow. If you haven't already make sure you stop by JUMP today downtown Boise so you can pick up your bib and awesome t-shirt.

I'm not a runner, while I appreciate getting some exercise I have never been a runner. If you're anything like me you want some tips to prepare for tomorrow to make sure things go well and you have a good experience.

When asking friends who enjoy running a lot more than I do these top five tips keep seeming to pop up:

  1. Hydrate today, in preparation for tomorrow. And of course, hydrate throughout the day tomorrow and especially after you're done with the race.
  2. Make sure you eat a simple meal 2-3 hours before your run. You don't want a huge heavy meal. Simple carbs like toast should be perfect.
  3. Set a reasonable goal for your pace and your finish time. Don't sprint at the beginning and use all your energy as you get started.
  4. Dress comfortable for the race tomorrow. Light breathable clothing is best, but remember the temperatures will be chilly tomorrow so dress warm but easy to take of layers if needed.
  5. Running shoes are a must. I'm frugal with my money, but running shoes will make the experience so much better and well worth the investment.

Those are just a few tips to help people like me that don't run all the time but are looking forward to having some fun tomorrow at St. Luke's FitOne event downtown Boise.

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