Mother nature is pretty moody these days. I guess 2020 stress has gotten to her too. Hurricane Sally is causing catastrophic flooding in Alabama and Florida. Part of a bridge collapsed in Pensacola Florida under the immense amount of rainfall and flooding. Downtown Pensacola is pretty much underwater. Flash flooding emergencies were in effect and rescue efforts underway for parts of southeastern Alabama and the Florida Panhandle. The storm is could dump up to 35 inches of rain in isolated pockets. The intense wind is a whole other problem. Golf Shores Alabama was hit with 105 mile per hour winds! The worst part of the storm has passed but much like the wildfires here in the West, even when the storm is gone the damage and devastation left behind will take months if not years to to try and re-build and fix the damage that has been done. Massive flooding and large debit is all over. River banks are all flooded and more flooding has spilled into Georgia and the Carolinas as this was a massive storm.

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For Oregon they are keeping their fingers crossed as some rain is coming up in radar for today and hopefully will dampen out the horrid air and smoke and will help alleviate the uphill battle against the fires that crews are facing. Air quality is Idaho is still a considerable concern as well. Many outdoor sports and activities have been canceled due to the unsafe air.

Can we just have a giant hose stretch across the country, we will take care of their flooding issues if their water can take care of our fire issues. Eh?


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