Marilee in Emmett is having some interesting issues with her husband in the bedroom that involves hamburgers and wet willy's! How should she handle this Ladies!?!

We received this e-mail from Marilee


Dear Rick and Carly,

I have kind of an embarrassing problem. I got married about 3 years ago. My husband and I are very religious and we did not consummate our marriage until after the wedding. I love my husband, but we are not connecting romantically. He works as a waiter and will come home smelling like hamburgers and get in bed with me without taking a shower. All of a sudden he has started kissing me sloppy and he’ll do things like give me a wet willy thinking I like it! I’ve told him I don’t like it or I’ve encouraged him to take a shower but he seems to get offended any time I say anything. I feel like if this problem doesn’t get fixed it’s going to ruin our marriage. Do you have any advice?



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