Ah yes, easier, simpler times. It may have been a time before iphones, video games and many of our convenient technologies but the 50s was also a time where things just seemed less stressful and more fun in many ways. While I was not around in the 50s and 60s I have loved the classic diners since I was a kid. I remember going and getting a burger and shake on the silver topped soda bar with my grandmother when I was just a little thing.

Idaho has many of these blast from the past gems around. If you are feeling nostalgic or need a few hours to mentally go back in time a half century or so check out these local classic diner spots. We are bummed that Rockies Diner on Overland permanently closed. It was featured on food network and has been a local staple for years and years. Luckily there still are a few diners with that fantastic 50s charm.

Eddies Restaurant Diner was voted one of the top classic diners in the US according to Trip Advisor. Here is how Eddies describes the experience there: "With two locations to choose from (7067 West Overland Road, Boise & 3095 North Lakeharbor Lane, Boise) Eddie's Restaurant and Eddie's Diner are the favorite hang outs of hundreds of people in the Boise area as well as others just passing through. Our customers Customers love us! us and our 50's themed experience is guaranteed to take you back in time. Eddie's is a family owned business that provides great food with awesome customer service and unbeatable prices. From our wall to wall memorabilia to our classic family dining atmosphere, Eddie's has it all. Stop in and give us a try, you won't be disappointed."

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West Side Drive In is another perfect blast from the past. This one is an icon in the Boise scene also with two locations. One at 1929 W State St in Boise and 1113 Park Center Blvd in Boise. Details from the website "The Westside Drive In has been in operation since 1957, and was purchased by Chef Lou in 1993. His goal was to bring his experience as a classically trained chef to the setting of a '50s-era drive-in restaurant. The resulting restaurant was a hit, and is known all across the Boise, ID area. We have even been featured on "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives" on the Food Network! Join us at one of our two locations to try a selection from our expansive menu and immerse yourself in the nostalgia of a bygone era."

Ed's 50s Cafe in Meridian may not look like much from the outside but when you go in you will feel yourself sucked right back to the era. Located at 979 S Progress Ave. This one specializes in breakfast and is only open until 2.

Did I miss any?

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