There is some debate picking up steam online about a blow up Halloween decoration. It features two skeletons doing the deed. The female skeleton is straddling the male skeleton and well, it is pretty obvious what is happening.

While I personally am a wuss and don't like overly scary decorations, movies or haunted houses... told ya, wuss - This is a bit inappropriate in a whole other way. Mostly just that I wouldn't want children seeing it. To be honest at an adult Halloween party or something it is actually kind of humorous and clever.

GOOSH’s Skeleton Couple Inflatable is available on amazon for around $85, some places on ebay are selling it for $120+.  The Halloween couple is causing quite a stir, especially in the comments section.

“This is sturdy and easy to blow up. I see people all day stopping to photograph them,” one buyer wrote on Amazon. “This product is suggestive and vulgar. Its association with a holiday that centers around children is offensive beyond measure,” wrote another.

inflatable skeleton couple, amazon GOOSH
inflatable skeleton couple, amazon GOOSH

According to Good Housekeeping, "It’s size doesn’t help these skeleton lovers’ case either. It stands (or lays back) at 5.5 feet and comes with LED lights built inside, so it’ll light up all night long — which may or may not be the thing you want when there’s a sex scene basically happening on your front lawn."

The description on the listing seems like it was perhaps copy and pasted from another inflatable, because I personally don't thing it is 'making children's love at first sight' - or we have a serious problem. I also cant see this working for ANY other holiday as the listing suggests. "GOOSH Halloween Skeleton Couple come with LED lights built inside. The Skeleton Couple made children’s love at first sight. Beside Halloween, it can be used as any other holiday decoration. Installed in the courtyard to enjoy Holiday with your family and spreading a happiness atmosphere to your neighborhoods."

I know someone in Idaho has to have this by now.

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